I love all dressed potato chips, any kind of chocolate, flat tummies and sexy muscles. Not realistic? That’s what the dietitian in me felt until I took one major step that changed everything. I met 3 life changing numbers-my macros! The exact amount of protein, carbs (yes, carbs) and fat that I needed to shed fat and chisel my physique.

meet your macros gokart

You are about to discover the real culprit keeping you overweight, unhappy and banging your head against the wall for years or decades while thinking, “Why can’t I do this?”

take me straight to the program

I’m also going to reveal to you how I lost 80 lbs and continue to torch fat and chisel my physique to this day.

before image with Naomi

None of these photos are photoshopped.

I’m Arlene Moshe and I have been overweight longer than I’ve been lean. I’m going to reveal to you how I lost 80lbs. I want to plain out tell you the real key to permanently sculpting the body and life you desire.

Brace yourself.

There are NO specific fat melting foods, dangerous pills or extreme, insane exercise formulas coming your way.

It’s all nonsense.

Ready yourself to get lean and stay lean 365 days out of the year – all while being a part of life’s celebrations and festivities.

I want to show you how to make your own weight loss easy, automatic and permanent by kicking most of the weight loss wisdom you knew to the curb since childhood. I think you know them-the rules that made you fatter, unhappier and always searching for the next miracle plan promising to melt away 30 lbs in 30 days.

Plus, I’m going to share my story with you that is somewhat embarrassing. I wasn’t always the expert everyone turned to when they were finally sick of failing and and wanted to get serious about losing fat. When it came to having a healthy body or life, I was the exact opposite.

Do you ever say to yourself?

Why can’t I do this?
Why can’t just eating a bit healthier be enough?
Why does it have to feel like torture when I stare at the extra food I ‘should’ leave on my plate?
Why do I pass every drive through or convenience store and wonder if I should get
some chips or chocolate for later?
I asked myself those questions for years, decades really.

But here is the embarrassing part.

In 1997, while still only 40 lbs overweight I graduated as a registered dietitian. But, ten years later in 2007, I weighted in as a 230 pound dietitian. When I was studying I thought that if I knew everything there was to know about food, portions, ratios and percentages, I would and should want to do what it takes to lose weight. Right?

But my mantra became “I know what to do, why aren’t I doing it, dammit?”

Are you a diet guru too?

I’d been overweight since I was 7, and was raised by two attentive, loving parents. Parents who were also both morbidly obese. I’m not judging and they definitely had there own set of challenges being young parents, running a business and raising 3 kids. Food was both a comfort and a struggle at my house. Though I officially started dieting in middle school, I was already aware that I was much heavier than the other kids by age 9. In high school, my weight and body image issues were already in full swing. I begged my mom to take me to The Diet Workshop, Weight Watchers and Jenny Craig. In between (because I never actually saw any of those programs through to my goal), I followed the grapefruit diet, the egg diet and the ‘fruit only in the morning’ diet. I’m willing to bet if you’re still reading this it reminds you in some way of your own struggles and past attempts to lose weight.

take me straight to the program

Did you know?

…that over a span of 17 years, women will try on average 2 diets per year for approximately 4 to 7 weeks?

Are you familiar with?

…what it’s like when your thighs rub together as you walk, when you bend down to grab something and you are navigating around your stomach to get to the floor, then quickly pull your baggy shirt back down to cover anything that might be showing?


…the feeling of disgust and sadness when staring at the store’s largest pair of pants or jeans, knowing they will not fit? Where your friend says, “just try them” and you sigh because they really don’t understand how big you really are?

I got big from eating too much, too often. I ate to feel better, yes, but very often I ate when I was already feeling good. I just kept on hoping that all the articles and reports telling me I could just walk off the weight were true. I joined gyms and sweat my butt off
in step classes and prayed that when I ate later, the exercise would balance it out and I’d even drop a few.

I wish I could say I had a painful experience that started it all and that I ate to mask my pain. But I was a pretty happy, successful child , then young adult, always surrounded by a loving and supportive family. But all families have their flaws. I learned to overeat in my family. Then, even when I ‘knew better’, eating felt too good to stop. It was a hard habit to break. I did have painful experiences much later with my pregnancies but I’d been overweight long before those ever happened. I can’t blame pregnancies that’s for certain. My difficulties with having children were something I thought I’d never recover from and then, sure, my already bad habits of overeating were what I used to get me through months and months of long, colicky, sleepless nights. Especially when I began to suffer from postpartum depression.

But, through all of that I remember thinking, “If I could just lose weight, I’d be happier. It would just seem so much easier.”

I got help for my post-partum depression and my baby got easier but I’ll bet you will understand and relate to what I’m going to say next.

I was still fat, uncomfortable, felt old and frumpy. Perhaps you can even relate to the tiredness, the resentment or the hopelessness and know you need to change too.

As time went on, things were way better with my children. I had my health and an awesome partner.

So. I’m fairly sure you will understand this-

I had a life I ‘should’ have been grateful for. In addition, I can’t even say I had financial nightmares to worry about. Yet I ballooned to 230 lbs three years after my daughter was born.

This photo is not my 3 weeks post pregnancy shot that some people use as their ‘before’ photo.

arlene in pink

This photo was taken when my daughter was almost 3 years old.

Are you even able to count how many times in your life you have said,

“Tomorrow. The diet begins (again) tomorrow.”

For me that plan usually lasted until about 3:00 pm the next day, when I visited the salt and vinegar chips in the cupboard, and told myself I will just have a few. Right.

But diets ARE the answer in the end. Always. Right?

I mean, I was a registered dietitian. Can you can guess how disgusted I was with myself for wondering if I should do something radical even though I knew all celebrity shakes and infomercial diets were serious BULL?

I just wanted to believe there was something out there that could help me-you must know what I mean. (I’ve been drawn in by words like cleanse, detox, kick start, melt away etc. I’m not going to lie about it.)

I know what it means to feel frustrated with your body. To look at yourself in the mirror or in photos and not recognize the frumpy person staring back at you. To have no mojo. I get the self sabotage, fear of carbs and believing in the tooth fairy more than yourself.

I understand the desire to skip the gym for any number of valid reasons; including crazy schedules, the demands from your family and children in particular. After all, there is homework to help with, dance classes, hockey, cat litter to clean, and thousands of other mini-errands. Bottom line, your motivation to be ON a diet all the time is M.I.A.

Funny though isn’t it, that, in all the craziness, I always made time for a trip to the drive thru, or the nearest convenience store when I really wanted some yummies.

How about you?

Whenever I did manage to lose some weight, it crept back on when I wasn’t ‘watching’ my diet. Or, I’d stare with horror at the scale and wanted to stomp my foot right through it when my weight gain stared back at me.

It sucks taking one step forward, two steps back. It can be humiliating. And sometimes, it’s damn near impossible to see an end in sight.


Remember when I said I kept hoping that there was something out there that could help me?

There was. Here’s what happened.

1. I stopped doing what wasn’t working. FOREVER. Buh-bye pre-written meal plans, lowering calories in my diet again and again, putting in 45-60 minutes on a treadmill or elliptical) and starting diets every Monday.

2. I discovered Flexible Dieting. I found the body shaping and life changing power of 3 little numbers affectionately known as macronutrients (macros for short) and how to track them! I want to jump in and share with you what macronutrients are and how to use them but I have to say this first. Allow me to explain.

Why did Flexible Dieting and tracking Macros have such appeal?

You are uniquely you, and I get that. You are not a robot. What if tilapia and broccoli are on your paid for meal plan and you gag at the thought of having to eat it at that moment? You just don’t have to and I don’t care if there are several ‘gurus’ out there that tell you ‘she’s wrong.

We are all unique and we all have different strengths, weaknesses, desires, dreams, needs and goals. The way that I think is distinctly different from yours. Some people love to Zumba and others are gym rats or passionate about yoga. Some have zip flexibility in their hamstrings while others are neck and back sufferers. AND some like egg whites, chicken, tilapia and buckets of broccoli. Others don’t. A lot of…others.

Have you ever done this?

I’ve made up the lamest of excuses to turn down social events because I was afraid I’d go ‘OFF’ my diet. Or, I’d go to an event or party and feel singled out as the only one not having ‘fun’. Or how about when you share that you are on a diet and you get the classic question, “ Surely, you can have just one? Live a little.”

Meanwhile, as the weeks would go by of trying to be vigilant, a real trooper on my diet, my motivation would wane and I’d find myself overeating everything I deprived myself of for the last few weeks.

It took me years to learn that there’s a better way to live your life, and I’m a professional. I had to ask myself, “Is it really possible to get lean, fit and enjoy social events and festivities? How will ever enjoy foods I love that aren’t necessarily ‘good for you’ in the classic sense if I know they’re bad for me?

However, guess what? YOUR DAILY CHOCOLATE FIX? That can stay. Okay, for you it might be a Twinkie. Why? Because if your chocolate fits into your 3 magic numbers for the day, it’s in! I’m not promoting Twinkies for health and vitality but if you really want to find a way to eat that is sustainable and leads you straight to your dream bod, wouldn’t you like to know how you can fit your version of a Twinkie into your day and still hit your fitness goals?

Because at the age of 43 I know in my soul:

You CAN get a lean, sexy body without beating yourself up, swearing off chocolate forever, or making ridiculous,
unrealistic fitness vows.

You CAN stop trying to follow someone else’s path to fitness.

You DO NOT have to do it with chicken breast, broccoli, tilapia, sweet potatoes and whole grain rice.

The one tool you need is knowing how to track your particular macros!

Listen, I’m willing to bet if you are reading this than you know what it’s like. You skip the cream in your coffee which you love and hesitantly swallow the egg whites and plain oats you were prescribed for breakfast. At work, you turn down the cookies as you persuade yourself that your turkey breast and sweet potato are going to rock your world…uh, in 65 minutes when you are allowed to eat again.

Wouldn’t you like that healthy relationship with food that is talked about by those fortunate enough to really have a grasp of what that is?

So How did I get the habits of a person who owns a leaner, more vibrant body and a much happier life?

The Wonder of 3 that Changed Everything-Tracking Macros.

blue frame weightsMacro tracking means knowing how many grams of protein, carbs (YES. Carbs) and fats that you uniquely need. These are called macronutrients, or more affectionately, macros, and I started eating the right number of each daily to torch fat while eating all those beloved foods I’d been avoiding with resentment or anger. It’s completely different from counting calories as I explain further below.

I learned what my 3 numbers were to get results and how to track them. I couldn’t believe how freeing it was. With today’s free macro tracking apps it’s actually a pleasure.

When you eat this way there are no foods off limits as long as you stay within your targets for the day.

It means that there are no magical properties in chicken or broccoli when it specifically comes to fat loss.

arlene with weightsFor me, it meant I stopped turning MY life on its head. No more checking what was allowed on my menu from the nutrition coach I had hired. No more avoiding eating with my friends or family because 3 hours hadn’t passed from the last time I ate and no more
bringing plastic containers of pre-cooked turkey breast every where I went.

All this involves having an expert calculate the right macro targets for you. It means choosing foods every day that are on target with your macros. Often referred to as flexible dieting-it’s a way you can enjoy foods that are good for you as well as your beloved treats. No foods are off limits. I want to share this exact method with you. Simple as that.

Working with my incredibly simple program, you’ll learn how to make your diet fit your life.  Adhering to a strict meal plan and then cheating for sanity’s sake is no way to live out the rest of your days. All in favor, say Hell yeah!

Strict diets, shake programs and meal plans work when you follow them. When you are ON them. They also allow for zero flexibility and don’t teach you the simple tools you need to work your way around late dinners, crazy car pools and spontaneous get togethers.

When you track your macronutrients and know your numbers, you are now participating in a little something called flexible eating and it’s definitely a habit that’s easy to keep.

The myth that being fit and lean means never eating fun food ever again needs to die. Repeat after me, the all-or-nothing mentality is dead.

Fitness and Eating Should Align with Your Life – NOT CONSUME IT.

Your life and fitness goals overlap. They just do.

That’s what it all comes down to. I’m on a mission to free people one by one from strict diet regimens to a lifestyle where you literally have your cake and eat it, too.

Please pay close attention here:

At this point, most program offers or videos reveal to you a food, food group or nutrient that you’ve been including or missing.

Those claims are there to manipulate you into buying into the fact that once again, you were on the wrong diet. And when they tell you what foods you should eat and But those foods didn’t make you fat. The reasons you ate those foods in the amounts you chose did. Get it?

It is completely unfair and dishonest that you are being so easily led to believe that if you get rid of certain foods or food groups you WILL lose weight permanently without addressing how it effects your joy of living as a human being.

And let me ask you this. Why are you not ON that diet anymore? The one that eliminates foods or recommends certain combinations?

I’m willing to bet a whole lot that the reason is eventually it just feels too hard, it’s not fun and boring. And after 2 weeks it doesn’t seem nearly as sexy and appealing as it did when you started.

Can I get you to imagine owning the habits of the person you always wished you could be-the one who takes control of your health and doesn’t fall victim to half truths?

Imagine understanding once and for all, that there is more than one path to health and you have found yours.

take me straight to the program

Please, for the love of…food, let’s clear up all the confusion (and BS)

MYTH: You are too lazy to do what it takes to transform your body.

FACT: You aren’t lazy at all – you just need to do things differently. Significantly. Let go of what isn’t working-for good. With simple steps, you’ll build more momentum and strength than you’ve ever felt before.

MYTH: I need to eat ‘clean’ foods to lose weight.

FACT: Listen, some of my favorite foods are oats, sweet potatoes, chicken breasts, steak, egg whites and salad. All considered ‘clean’ by someone’s definition. But, I include chocolate, licorice and potato chips and have been able to maintain and continue to improve my physique. The magic is in knowing your 3 macronutrient numbers and eating to match those numbers every day.

This is called flexible dieting and it’s so…what’s the word…do-able.

MYTH: Calories in vs. calories out is ultimately what matters for weight loss.

FACT: It is true that in the end there needs to be a deficit of calories going in vs. what you spend in a day in order to shed unwanted pounds. BUT a calorie is not a calorie when we’re talking body composition.

What I mean is if you want to lose weight while also maintaining as much lean mass as possible, you need to do more than just maintain a caloric deficit.

  • You need to ensure you get enough protein every day to preserve muscle.
  • You need to ensure you eat enough carbs, which provide your muscles with the glycogen stores needed to maintain training intensity.
  • You need to ensure you eat enough healthy fats, which play an important role in hormone synthesis.

This is why counting macros is superior to counting just calories. It allows you to focus on improving body composition and fat loss, not simply dropping or gaining pounds where you may be losing shapely muscle too.

Now, just like with counting calories, what you eat to hit your macro targets is of secondary importance when we’re talking body composition.

Which means you can choose healthy foods that are just great for your body but you don’t have to be afraid of little indulgences or beloved treats.

For instance, if you love chocolate, work some into your numbers for the day. If you’ve been eyeing that Ben & Jerry’s for a couple of days now, don’t be afraid to make room for a couple hundred calories worth after dinner.

Personally, I get about 85% of my daily calories from healthy foods, but I’ll usually include some kind of little dessert every day in the form of some chocolate or what have you.

That’s how flexible dieting works, and how to use it to free yourself from dietary dogmas of the past (no carbs, no sugar, lean proteins only, no junk food ever, eat every 2-3 hours, etc.).

What do you need to do to start macro tracking?

1. You will need to calculate your macronutrients for your specific goals.

The only thing you need to know to get started is how much carb, fat and protein YOU need each day to start eating in a flexible way that feels do-able and sustainable. This should be done by an expert or with the appropriate formulas that consider your goals, weight history and exercise routines.

2. A free macro tracking app like MyFitClick or MyFitnessPal. There are several others to choose from and they make macro tracking simple and shall I say, even fun?

3. An understanding that no foods are off limits. When you eat for your macros you include healthy foods you love AND your favourite close to your heart treats.

Not sure where to get your personalized macros from?

I offer 3 simple packages to seamlessly get you on your new path of tracking macros!

Meet Your Macros-3 Life Changing Numbers Program!

Option #1: Meet Your Macros-Good to Go Program $39.99

This is an amazing DIY package (‘do it yourself-er’) if you are totally on board, just need to know your numbers and will follow the guide with complete instructions to get your fat loss started!

1. track macros power of 3The Meet Your Macros-3 Life Changing Numbers! Calculator:

  • enter your particular details and retrieve your macros instantly
  • gives you breakdown of macros if you want to divide them equally over 3, 4, 5 or 6 meals or more. It’s your body, your palate and your choice
  • option to manipulate your ratios of protein, fat and carbs but the default settings suggested in the quick start guide are PERFECT for most people.
  • yours to use permanently as your macro requirements change with weight loss or exercise routines

2. The Meet Your Macros 3 Life Changing Numbers Guide! A gorgeous colorful, downloadable book in pdf format that shares with you:

  • easy quick start guide to track macros immediately
  • how to tweaking macros based on your history with dieting and your ongoing progress
  • popular section called: What do these ‘macros’ mean to me? A full explanation to once and for all just letting your palate guide you while you torch fat and crush goals
  • why you should stop the Low Carb Insanity-no matter what others tell you
  • easy to understand description of each macronutrient
  • best macros to have before or after a weight training workout
  • Best free apps and websites to easily track macros and keep everything flexible. Photos and instructions on how to use apps for any one still ‘app’ challenged!
  • bonus Macronutrient Tables of Common Foods just to get you started
  • recipes that are throw n’ go with macros already worked out for you just because I love ya


buy now

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Should you have any questions about your purchase, please feel free to email us at arlene@arlenemoshe.com

Option #2: Meet Your Macros – Cease The Day! $97.99

A completely customized program where I will calculate your recommended macronutrient targets based on your diet/exercise history and your unique current goals. It allows me to customize your protein/carbs and fat beyond the traditional percentages found in the calculator and tweak them based on expertise. As well, research proves that a huge part of ultimate success is CONSISTENT accountability that is offered in 2 major ways in this program:

  • Includes 1 month of unlimited email support with me while you transition with a strong and sure step to flexible dieting
  • Exclusive membership to the Meet Your Macros Facebook Group where you will meet an incredibly supportive community. You can ask questions, share your wins and get updates from me! The information shared in this group is gold! The members in this group currently are thriving as there is usually someone there day and night to give you a virtual push or hug. It has ‘upped’ the accountability factor and has contributed hugely to their ultimate success.
  • BONUS: Free 12 week weight training routine for those who would call themselves a newbie in the gym or for anyone who hasn’t lifted weights in over a year or more.
  • also receive everything from the Good To Go! Program (Option #1)


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ClickBank is the retailer of products on this site. CLICKBANK® is a registered trademark of Click Sales, Inc., a Delaware corporation located at 917 S. Lusk Street, Suite 200, Boise Idaho, 83706, USA and used by permission. ClickBank’s role as retailer does not constitute an endorsement, approval or review of these products or any claim, statement or opinion used in promotion of these products.

Should you have any questions about your purchase, please feel free to email us at arlene@arlenemoshe.com

Option #3: Meet Your Macros – Take It All the Way! $244.99

You want to be dedicated, hard core, resolute, stead fast…unshakeable.
You know yourself though, and know that you succeed the most with someone holding you accountable and giving you feedback. You thrive on the ongoing coaching and cheerleading to get you to your dream goals.

In this program I am with you for a 12 week transformation. You will have everything that is included in the Meet Your Macros-Cease the Day program. But it also includes:

  • re-calculations and revisions to your macronutrient plan as necessary and as you succeed & progress
  • 12 weeks of unlimited email support
  • build more momentum & strength until you feel more unshakeable than you’ve ever felt before
  • guidance and advice on your fitness program to help you crush your goals.


buy now

ClickBank is the retailer of products on this site. CLICKBANK® is a registered trademark of Click Sales, Inc., a Delaware corporation located at 917 S. Lusk Street, Suite 200, Boise Idaho, 83706, USA and used by permission. ClickBank’s role as retailer does not constitute an endorsement, approval or review of these products or any claim, statement or opinion used in promotion of these products.

Should you have any questions about your purchase, please feel free to email us at arlene@arlenemoshe.com

A quick note for you: all transactions are handled through Paypal, but you don’t need a Paypal account to buy my programs, just a credit card.

How do you know if you are a good fit for the Meet Your 3 Macros Programs? You are a macro-tastic fit (I couldn’t help myself there!) if:

  • You are ready to embrace the ultimate liberation from any fad, celebrity or zero carb diet
  • You are thinking about eating in a way that will be beneficial to you for a lifetime
  • You have made a vow to avoid EVER being guru’d by someone or some program telling you there is magic properties to certain foods or combining/eliminating others
  • You are prepared to invest in a funky, digital food scale and a free app on your smart phone that makes tracking macros easier than ever before.
  • You understand that while broccoli, chicken and brown rice are all healthy foods-they are not they key to your fat loss.
  • You long to be on a plan that will never be stale, boring, tortuous or feels like punishment for ‘bad’ behavior

Last thing.

Think about this. Think hard. We do not have a weight loss issue in our country. We have an issue with people not being able to keep weight off or endure weight loss for long periods of time. Most bodies have nothing wrong with them and can lose excess
fat. Although I see how much the media and industry goes above and beyond to make you feel like it’s because you are sensitive to foods, or that you were eating the wrong foods or wrong combinations.

The stark truth is, that people who put all the weight back on and then some is because they did not adjust their lifestyle to something do-able and sustainable for a very long time. I have people writing me daily asking what I think of this cleanse or that detox system to give them a motivational boost. You see, most of these protocols use a ‘judgment system’ for ease of explanation and as a selling point for the diet. Foods are judged as either ‘good’ or ‘bad.’ This food isn’t Paleo, that food isn’t clean, and this one
is too high in carbs!

Ok, I hear you. But you lost weight on these diets. Great, you lost weight, now what? What happens when your birthday comes up and your friends or spouse wants to have a meal out and is sick of you having to stick rigidly to your clean meals that you prepack
in that oh so attractive tupperware container? What happens when your best friend gets married and your low carb options are limited? What happens when you go on vacation and have limited access to Paleo foods? For many people, they throw in that all too familiar towel. Because you’ve had it drilled into your brain since who knows when that certain foods are forbidden. You have not been told instead, to have those foods and account for them in your target macros. So when you throw in the towel those foods become your ‘cheat’ foods and you get the message that having any amount of them is ‘bad’. You know what follows right? It’s something to the effect of “ by eating these bad foods I’ve already blown it, so I might as well eat whatever I want.” Do I even need to rehash what happens next? I didn’t think so.

I have worked with hundreds of people in the last 10 years and have witnessed the outcome of those that are diet ‘gurus’ and have tried every diet under the sun. That includes myself if I’m going to be super straight with you. The only thing I’ve seen as a clear outcome is these people develop unhealthy relationships with food and for some-binge eating behaviours or disorders. They own so much guilt around the fact that they are eating ‘bad’ foods and yet, to soothe the guilt, they turn to more ‘bad’ food. No matter what you tell me, one simply cannot separate the psychological and emotional aspect of eating from the physical aspect.

And I wouldn’t want it any other way. Food is wonderful. It really is.

The best way to eat is not always the diet which works the fastest and promises quick results.

For me, having been an overweight dietitian and now a fit mom at 43, the BEST diet, hands down, is the diet that allows you to lose fat and KEEP IT OFF because you learn how to incorporate all foods all the time while hitting your dream goals.

Are you who you want to be?

Arlene Before and After

Are you ready to make that leap and stop doing what isn’t working?

avatar before after framed


CLICK on the program of your choice and you will have access in minutes.

program 1 - good to go program 2 - cease the day program 3 - take it all the way
Still not sure? Here is what some are saying already and they’ve only just started!

Read this letter from one of my newest clients!

“I was working out daily, watching what I ate but yet I was still struggling with my weight and I just felt like there was no where to go. I spoke to a few trainers who recommended the same diet I felt I was already on (low calorie / higher protein) and so I thought “Enough! There has to be a better way to approach this!” So that is when I contacted Arlene. Working with Arlene has fundamentally changed the way I approach food. I am now thinking in term of what my body needs and it has changed my life and I feel great.

The only thing that kept from contacting her sooner was that I really didn’t understand what macros were all about. We are so used to thinking about calories and fat – trained perhaps by the media – that at first it feels impossible to change the way you think. For me, it took understanding how my body responded to stress. It put on weight! That is when it started to dawn on me that I was constantly stressing my body out by not fueling it properly. Once I wrapped my head around that, there was no stopping me from Meeting my Macros!

It sounds a bit cliche but you can eat anything you want to Meet Your Macros. The trick is planning out ahead of time. Its simply, its easy and there are no restrictions. You no longer have to think chicken breast and salad!

I was working out daily and already watching what I ate. It was just those 15 pounds that were stuck on my hips that I didn’t seem to be able to do anything about. I have now been tracking my Macros for about 3 months and in that time I have lost around 5-7 pounds and lost 1.5 inches from my waist. The trick is appreciating this is a lifestyle change. The damage I had done by not eating enough for years will take a while to correct but being able to eat 600-700 more calories a day and lose weight cannot be beat! And only Meeting Your Macros will do that for you. These are pounds and inches that won’t come back!

Arlene is a fantastic coach and an inspiration! She is one of those people you can tell loves what she does and she is there every step of the way encouraging and teaching.
I guess to sum up, Meet Your Macros is an education on the way your body needs food. It will fundamentally change the way you think about everything you put in your mouth!” ~Kara V. Port Elgin, Ontario.

“I’m confident about success when I do it your way… that feeling of being proud that propels me forward and makes me want to do more! Not ONE week goes by when you don’t inspire me!”
~Ann R

“Arlene takes all the guess work out of becoming successful!”€ ~Joanne T.

“It’s not about luck or having enough time-Arlene shows you a few simple things you can do each day and the momentum will blow your mind!” ~ Katrina L.

“I’ve only been doing the program for 1 week and I already feel layers of the old me lifting away-this is just liberating! Thank you so much, Arlene!” ~Dayna G.

“I’m actually on my way to transforming. It’€s happening! If you think you understand your goals, think again! This is brilliant!”~ Deeanna L.

“I honestly thought my belt had stretched. Didn’t think I was actually doing anything too significant…. the changes had been so gradual that I hadn’€t realized what a change they’€d created… it’s so simple yet profound… Bit of a turning point for me in a few areas. I feel empowered and motivated to keep it up and implement more goals ( one week at a time)…Thanks.” ~Rob C

“I am confident about success when I do it your way instead of feeling the failure when I take on too much.. And let’€s face it, it is that feeling of being proud that propels me forward and makes me want to do more! Thank you… for taking the time out of your busy day to help others! You are inspirational and kind and so giving of yourself! I truly appreciate you…You’re awesome!”~Shirley R